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On April 2016, Japan’s Kumamoto prefecture was hit by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that killed 49 people and injured another 3,000. Over 44,000 people were evacuated from their homes, after they had collapsed or caught fire, with thousands of them still living in temporary housing. Structural damage to conventional buildings was reported both in Kumamoto and the Read more…

All you need to know about World’s largest Ferris wheel in Dubai:Ain Dubai Watch this interesting video about AIN Dubai Enjoy the 3-D Map view of Ain Dubai NPPF supplied Polystyrene Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) for the project. EIFS provides thermal insulation for exterior walls using polystyrene sheets. Read more about Polystyrene Thermal insulation products.

Myths and Facts about Polystyrene For additional reading you can refer these green concepts of EPS products Check this Expanded Polystyrene Products  by National polystyrene Packaging Factory Dubai