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Advantages Of Polystyrene Packaging (Infographic)

 Why Polystyrene?

Every packaging takes energy and raw materials to produce, transport, and recover or dispose of. While considering the entire life cycle of commonly used packaging products, Polystyrene packaging offers comparatively lesser energy and resources than others.

Polystyrene is the best option to choose for to make consumer products. It is as hard as solid plastic and is often used in food packaging and laboratory ware because it insulates better, keeps the food fresher for a longer time, costs lesser than the coated paperboard alternatives.

Polystyrene is blended with colorants, additives or other plastics to make different types of types of equipment and devices we use in day-to-day life. With its environment-friendly nature, polystyrene packaging is becoming more recognized than other packagings. Since it makes more sense for business, consumers and our planet, Polystyrene is the best choice when it comes to packaging.

Here is an infographic that talks about advantages of polystyrene packaging.

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