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Infographics: Different Types of Roofing constructions

Different Types of Roofing constructions

Green roofing:

A green roof is one where it is covered with vegetation on top of a growing medium, all planted over the waterproofing layer. It could be a shallow growing medium, planted with different sizes of shrubs and plants.

Cool flat roof:

A cool flat roof is known as a warm flat roof. In most case all the insulation is above the joists/deck, making them part of the cool fabric of the building. If the insulation is above the waterproofing layer they are known as Inverted roofs.

Hybrid cold roof:

A hybrid cold roof has 2/3rds of the insulation above the roof deck or joists, however, this may change depending on the application of building.

Warm Flat Roof:

For warm flat roofs, the insulation is sandwiched or between the joists of the roof. It allows insulation to be added without having to replace the waterproofing on the existing roof or raising the roof line. Airgap of 50 mm for ventilation is necessary above the insulation and the roof deck to prevent condensation.

Read more about such roofing systems from the following  infographic

Different types of Polystyrene Roofing system Dubai-Infographics


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