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Geofoam For Swimming Pool

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Weight is an important consideration for building the final shape of the swimming pool. EPS Geofoam is the best material to build this. Geofoams are large blocks of polystyrene that are used for landscaping-landfilling applications due to its flexibility & ability to custom cut properly, it speeds up the construction process of the swimming pool. Precut steps and tanning shelves can be prepared much easily with EPS Geofoam.

Comparing with conventional filling materials

Gravel and sand are the commonly used filling material for swimming pool. Gravel has much more distinct properties when compared with sand because its properties don’t change with the saturation of water as for sand.

Beautiful Indoor Swimming Pool Made With Geofoam

Geofoam is the best choice when compared to the other two filling due to its lightweight properties. The custom cut lightweight sheets of Geofoam can be placed by hand and are easy to get from the ground to pool location.

Infill for indoor swimming pools

Its common to infill swimming pools that are no longer used. Infilling with sand or stones are normally not applicable for indoor pools and rooftop pools since it’ll affect the overall stress and strain constraints of the building.

infilling geofoam
Infilling Indoor Swimming Pool With Geofoam Blocks

Geofoam is the best option for infilling unused swimming pools. They are ideal for interior infilling. Geofoam sheets are easier to carry in elevators.

NPPF Dubai offers Geofoams with high R-value that can withstand heavy loads. Landscaping & landfilling are the most common uses for Geofoam polystyrene blocks. Geofoam is also used in much broader applications, including lightweight fill, green roof fill, compressible inclusions, thermal insulation, and (when appropriately formed) drainage.

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