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National Polystyrene Packaging Factory, Dubai celebrated World Day for Safety and Health

NPPF celebrated World Day for Safety and Health.

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In recognition of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, National Polystyrene Packaging Factory  Dubai had prepared 3 activities that would help to engage more employees and reinforce the best safety practices at work. Below are the details of activities organised for the employees:

1. Good Housekeeping – A representative had to visit/check each section and decide which is the cleanest, neat and organised. The section that is selected would receive a prize for the members and the Supervisor would receive a certificate.

2. Find what’s wrong with the photo – HSE Dept. sent 1 photo on 30/04/2017, Sunday, at around 1:00 PM to all staffs. They tried to find the 18 Safety and Health Issues and sent it via email to HSE. The 3 fastest staffs who sent his/her findings would be given a prize each.

3.Safety and Health Games – There were 2 games and it was conducted on site. The 1st game was a group game consisting of 4 employees (staff & labours), and the 2nd one was a tandem game (2 labourers). Representative visited each section to discuss the mechanics of each game and the winner would receive a prize.

After several reviews and discussions, we have to consider the “Expansion” under Mr. Assad’s supervision as the winners in yesterday’s Good Housekeeping Competition, but this doesn’t mean that the other sections were not good. It was just so hard to pick a single winner because we knew that the other sections are doing their efforts to make their respected area clean and organised. For finding the Safety in Health Issues in the Photo, most of the feedback were correct but the 3 fastest staffs who sent their findings are

1.) Engineer Adnan – Maintenance,

2.) Ms. Rachelle – HR

3.) Mr. Raj – Cutting.

Congratulations! to all the winners and thanks to all who participated and extended their efforts in these kinds of HSE activities.