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National Polystyrene Packaging Factory Honored Noble and Diligent Employees

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It was a great day in NPPF as the company took time out to award its noble and loyal employees by organizing a lunch and award event where a certificate of service was presented to each employee. NPPF has realized a significant growth in its sales and customer base since it was established and with the employees at the center of every company’s success, it was time for the labor of the diligent ones to be rewarded.

Over the years, NPPF has recorded tremendous growth and the company has not failed to attribute this achievement to the family-like environment that exists in the company. The company has also strived to ensure to ensure employees are satisfied with the working environment by creating and subsequent implementing employee-friendly policies.

As it is becoming increasingly difficult to get loyal employees that would strive to ensure the growth and success of the business, NPPF’s move to recognize outstanding performances by some of its employee is a step in the right direction.

While the award recognizes the diligence of employees, on one hand, it also reiterates NPPF’s passion for excellence as such acts have been realized to help enhance the productivity of employees, workers’ loyalty and the overall performance of an institution.