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NPPF to get a new edge with the launch of art & decorations department

National Polystyrene Packaging Factory information

NPPF has expanded its production facilities; a new art & decorations section which highlights the offering of modern quality products that deliver creative designs in both interior and exterior decorations has been launched on 15th February. They are a leader in the production of attractive designs that aim to set new standards in high quality functional and competitive products. Their products and services will be beyond your imagination such as:

  • Illustrative items – NPPF is producing illustrative items such as school materials that can be used as visual aids, for projects of the students, and even the interior decoration of the classroom.

  • Event decorations & Props – NPPF provide EPS decorations for backdrops, stage designs,centerpieces in the events and models.

  • Cartoon characters – Double the fun! NPPF can also make your favorite sculpted cartoon character that can be show cased in any exhibitions, events, occasions like birthdays.


  • Exterior Decorations– NPPF manufactures polystyrene decorations for your exterior design/decoration requirements. They specialize in making façade, backdrops, sculpted polystyrene that can be used in street decoration and events, and any outdoor props. The materials are of high durability and flexibility.

  • Interior Decorations– NPPF interior Decorations is an essential part of decorating your interiors for the reasons it will provide a distinctive style and outlook.

The wide range of products include :

·           Foam signs and logos

·           Event decoration in malls

·           Decorating solutions

·           Model making / 3D characters

·           Hard coating making

·           Themed environments

·           Architectural model making

·           Polystyrene stone wall

·           Exhibitions decorations

·           Theatrical décor

·           Mold making

·           Fiberglass artwork