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Polystyrene Facts: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Polystyrene -Styrofoam



Styrene is a clear, colorless liquid that naturally occurs in food such as cinnamon, beef, coffee beans, peanuts, wheat and strawberries.



Numerous studies have found that styrene is not harmful in the amount we typically encounter in air or food. In the final analysis, all credible research indicates that….


Polystyrene is readily recyclable into different items, such as picture frames, stationery, lightweight cement industry and seedling trays. Read more about the green concepts of Polystyrene.

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Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is one of the few materials that can truly claim to be 100% recyclable, it can be reused in the manufacture of new Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

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Watch this demonstration video to know about the recycling process of polystyrene.

NPPF polystyrene products are seen across an expanse of industries – from Building Constructions, Civil Engineering, Floatation, Thermal Insulation, Architectural Design, Packaging and Horticulture. The exceptional characteristics and shock absorbing properties and qualities of Polystyrene (EPS & XPS) foam, combined with its fire rated property, low cost, high insulation values, custom moldability, ease of handling make it popular packaging material.