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Popular Uses of Bean Bags: NPPF Dubai

Popular Uses of Bean Bags

Bean bangs Dubai, UAE - An Infographics about Different uses of Bean Bags

Home Furniture

Bean bags are most commonly used as a home furniture. In earlier days, it was just a spherical bag that was filled with light weight polystyrene beads.
Nowadays beans bags have become very versatile and have a variety of specialized types, sizes, shapes, and styles. There is bean bag chair, love seat or lounge in different fabrics and patterns.

Pool floats

Most of the materials used while crafting a bean bag are water resistant and the polystyrene beads in them can float. This is why they can be used as frivolous floating devices for pools and other water bodies. Unlike air bags, bean bags are s safe and kids love to float over it.

Pet Beads

A bean bag is just perfect if you own a pet. The construction of this furniture item is done using heavy weight materials which are sewn tightly. So if you own a dog or a cat, then can enjoy a very comfortable and relaxed time on a bean bag.

Camera stand

A very recent and a very interesting way adapted by the photographers are using a bean bag as a camera stand instead of a tripod. They use these and manipulate it into different forms for various high and low shot angles. Also, it has a lot more movability than a tripod.

Therapeutic Devices

This furniture item is a very helpful and healing technique for people with autism. Used especially for autistic kids, a bean bag provides them steadiness and the pressures from the beads keep their body calm and relaxed.

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