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Products of National Polystyrene Packaging Factory

1, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

    A closed cell and rigid foam based on Polystyrene that is formed by expanding beads containing the environmental friendly foaming agent. polystyrene beads are blown and expanded while processing them under heat and high pressure of hot water and steam. This makes the beads expand as much as 50 times their original size whereupon their surfaces will melt and weld together to form a rigid tenacious material taking the shape of the mould into which it is placed.

2, Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)

     A closed cell and rigid foam based on Polystyrene that is formed by adding foaming agent during the extrusion process. It is produced from the same Polystyrene granules, by melting the granules under high temperature and pressing them in the extrusion machine with a foaming agent which forces the granules to expand and to become inflated in a homogenous foamed mass and shape.

Major Brands of NPPF

1.        STYROKING

STYROKING is a huge block which could be cut into sheets or various shapes using special CNC machine or manual wire cutting to the desire size required by the customer. Products can be fire retardant or normal grade. STYROKING can be used in unlimited number of applications such as thermal insulation, Geofoam, packaging, decoration and etc. image of styroking a unique brand of NPPF

 2.       INSERTKING

INSERTKING is a fire retardant product which is manufactured using fully PLC automated injection molding machines. INSERTKING is the perfect insulating medium in the cement sandwiched blocks where the polystyrene is integrally locked into the concrete structure and is made mandatory requirement for external walls as per Dubai Municipality and will gain more credits for ESTIDAMA requirements in Abu Dhabi.

 image of insertking a unique brand of NPPF

3.       ROOFKING

ROOFKING is the brand name of insulating board that is produced with state-of-art technology and fully automated injection moulding machines with stringent quality control. This moulded board is fire retardant and available in different thickness with shiplap joints. It can be used in roof, wall and floor insulation.

 image of roofking a unique brand of NPPF


 A grey color EPS Sheets came from the moulded blocks, which are being cut through CNC machine or manual wire cutting to the desire size of the Customer. Thermal properties for this material are improved by 9% to 18%, compared as per ASTM standard. Products can be fire retardant or normal grade, as per Customer’s requirement. image of kingpor a unique brand of NPPF


 BUILDKING is an expanded polystyrene in a system form such as ICF (Insulating Concrete Form), which is a patented insulating concrete forming system consisting of two layers of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation connected with web connectors moulded into the EPS insulation. The top and bottom edges of ICF System blocks have pre-formed interlocking mechanisms which ensure web connectors align vertically for attachment of surface finish materials.

image of buildking a unique brand of NPPF