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UAE National Day Celebrations 2017 | NPPF with Dubai Center for Special Needs


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NPPF Dubai joins hand with Dubai center for special needs to celebrate this National Day

NPPF Dubai sponsored the celebration and offered polystyrene art decorations which adorned the campus and the stage of the event. The cultural activities by the students of Dubai Centre For Special Needs enlightened the day.

The lunch was served after the function. Undoubtedly, DCSN Students, staff and NPPF employees cherished the lunch and the great time together.


About National Polystyrene Packaging Factory L.L.C

NPPF is a pioneer and versatile organization driven by innovation and technology, offering solutions using polystyrene. We are providing quality polystyrene products for Building Constructions, Civil Engineering, Flotation, Thermal Insulation, Architectural Design, Packaging, Landfilling and other polystyrene products for agriculture since it was founded in 1994.

 About DCSN

The Center was purpose-built with special needs of the students in mind. The center has three therapy departments running alongside a comprehensive curriculum within each of its four departments: Nursery, Academic, Pre-vocational, and Sensory.
Currently, DCSN provides education and therapy to various students from 23 different nationalities.
Individual programs, planned by a multi-disciplinary team, seek to fulfill the objectives set for each student and are reviewed regularly.
The curriculum is based on the principle that each student is an individual and should be given every possible opportunity to an education appropriate to their needs for personal, social, physical and emotional development.